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Rod Roost

Rod Roost

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The Talweg Rod Roost is designed to give you a hand when you need it. No more setting your rod down in the dirt while you land a fish or squeezing it in your armpit while you choose a new fly. The minimalist magnet allows for an instant, one handed connection that will hold your rod secure until you're ready to start fishing again.


  • Aluminum and Stainless steel S-hook
  • Magnet rated to five pounds 

  • Fits best on 2-6 weight rods

  • multiple hanging options to work with your own setup

  • Designed, tested, and made in Utah USA
  • Patent Pending 


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How to install your Rod Roost:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great idea!

It's awesome to see someone recognize how evolving technology (like magnets) can be used in a new way that is so clever, helpful, and obvious you can only wonder why you didn't think of it.
As a novice fly fisher I could use about four hands. The Rod Roost at least gives me one more.
I love it!

Kurt F.
So needed

Frees up hands and secures rod while tying on flies or netting fish. Great design and easy to use.

Love this!

Really love this. Landing a fish, taking a photo with grandkids, etc. it’s nice to have a convenient, easy place to rest my fly rod while releasing fish and taking photos.

Brigham Rupp
Love it!

I've been using the Rod Roost since the fall of 2023 and have since put it on all my rods. At first I wasn't sure if it was something I really needed, but I realized how much I liked it when I tried fishing a few times without it and was super annoyed when I went to change out my fly or land a fish. It's awesome how convenient the Rod Roost is when you're standing in the middle of the river and you need to use your hands.