Fishing rod in armpit while holding fish

An Effortless Solution for Hands-Free Fishing: The Rod Roost

Are you tired of constantly holding your fishing rod in your arm pit while tying a fly or landing a fish? Introducing the Rod Roost, the secure hands-free rod holder that will simplify your fishing day.

What is the Rod Roost and How Does it Work?

The Rod Roost is an all-new accessory designed to give you an extra hand on the water. It's pretty simple: we put one tiny magnet on the rod, and another on our body. When you need that extra hand, you just hook the rod magnet to the body magnet and your rod is held in place until you're ready to fish again.

Made from durable and lightweight materials, the Rod Roost is easy to install and compatible with most fishing rods. 

Fly fishing rod magnetized to fishing vest

Why Should You Choose the Rod Roost?

1. Simplify the experience: land more fish and drop fewer flies as you use the Rod Roost to keep from juggling so many items when fishing. 

2. Versatility: Whether you're using the rod roost in the parking lot, the shore, or in the river, the Rod Roost can providing you with a stable and secure rod holder that doesn't require two hands to secure. 

4. Protection for your rod: The Rod Roost's soft rubber interface and band ensures that your fishing rod is held securely without causing any damage. No more laying your rod in the dirt. 

5. Bonus: You can temporarily store your fly on the magnet while changing flies. 

Get Your Rod Roost Today!

Visit to purchase your very own Rod Roost and start enjoying hands-free fishing today!

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